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The Turbosol T20X

Whether you work with ready-mixed or traditional plasters, the T20X delivers exceptional performance, offering real value to professional plasterers. It’s ideally suited for a multitude of applications, including:

Traditional site mixes and premixed dry mortars
Insulating and fireproofing mortars
Thixotropic mortars
Monocoat mortars
Concrete repair
Casting restoration
Self-levelling floor screeds

Turbosol has put a tremendous amount of thought and detail into the design, ensuring it’s fit for purpose in harsh environments, whilst it’s equipped with a worm pump, lifting mixer and closed-loop hydraulic circuit for mixing, pumping, spraying and injecting all kinds of mortars. The new design provides a large lifting mixer with a pleasantly low filling height, whilst you’re also guaranteed a quality hopper with great capacity and a special double layer hood for extra protection. The incredibly powerful 3-cylinder diesel engine makes gains on several fronts, including processing speed, efficiency and preventative maintenance, whilst it will not let you down over the years. With new sound insulation, it’s quiet to operate too, so you can work quickly and productively, streamlining your workflow without a loud disruptive noise humming in the background.

Fine-tuned to save you money and time

Like many Turbosol machines, the T20X features an electromechanical, user-friendly control panel and protection flap, whilst the hydraulic circuit and variable displacement pump combine to deliver high performance and significant fuel savings. There are many easy exchangeable pump groups to choose from (2L6, T25, 60.12 and 2L7) depending on the job you need to perform, whilst the standard model features the following:

Variable displacement hydraulic pump
Electromechanical control board
Start/stop pneumatic remote control
Elastic axle with drawbar, car coupling, lights
Lifting eye
200l hydraulic lifting mixer with reverse gear
15l diesel tank
18l hydraulic oil tank
Combined exchanger for diesel engine and hydraulic circuit
2L6 pump group
35 m mortar/air hose with cam-lock couplings
Manual grease pump
Cleaning tools
N. 1 metal hose bracket
N. 2 plastic hose brackets
Accessory box with spray gun and set of nozzles

Widely used in the construction and renovation sectors, the Turbosol T20X is a state of the art plastering machine that makes light work of mixing, pumping, spraying and injecting. It’s very easy to customise, and you’re able to utilise the latest accessories to improve your operations, saving valuable time and money whilst reducing stress and minimising the need for laborious manual tasks.