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Turbosol T7 EVO

The Turbosol T7 EVO at one glance

The turbosol T7 Evo is a single-phase worm pump built with a difference. The versatility of this machine is unmatched in the thin-layer coats market and what’s great about the T7 Evo is that it can be combined with a wide range of accessories in order to deliver across a large number of jobs.

The features of the T7 Evo make completing jobs big or small, faster and more efficient which in turn help to yield a better profitability for plasterers looking to drive their costs down and their profit margins up. The T7 Evo might be compact but it offers an unparalleled level of quality for plasterers who are specialists in the application of thin-layer coats.

From decorative to texturising, from protective to fireproofing, the T7 Evo is one of the best in its category and delivers an unrivalled level of finish. We’ve outlined below just a number of uses that the T7 Evo excels in;
Applying cementitious glues for insulation panels
Protective coatings for reinforcing concrete structures, channels and tanks
Controlled pressure injection of cementitious slurries
For plasterers who take pride in their work and want to deliver the best results whilst reducing their own costs, the T7 Evo is an ideal solution.

Thanks to its well thought out design and a large number of special features, the T7 Evo isn’t just robust and versatile but it’s also incredibly user friendly. The pump comes with a 33 metre cable remote allowing for comfort and simple accessibility whilst a delivery manifold with a pressure gauge allows for a simple understanding of usage. As a standard with products in this category, the T7 Evo also comes complete with a 15 metre hose, an accessory box and for ready-mixed plasters a spray gun which allows you to start work right away.

The small dimensions and clever design of the T7 Evo mean that if it’s fed by an automatic mixer, it can be completely run by a single operator who is able to regulate the material flow from the application point.

After the job at hand is complete, there’s not much to concern yourself about either because of it’s simple build, it’s one of the simplest of products to clean and maintain which makes it one of the best selling too. If you have any questions about this model, or need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team today.