Putzknecht S36

Uelzener Putzknecht S36

Ülzener PUTZKNECHT S44-2 FU-3 kW-230V

Expertly manufactured to provide an economical solution to small building sites, the S44-2 is compact, reliable, functional and affordable. With this mixing pump, you can quickly and easily process ready mixed internal and external plaster, whilst it can also be utilised for a range of dry premixed materials, so you’re guaranteed flexibility for a variety of applications.

The 230v single phase drive system delivers exceptional performance, whilst the smart modular structure makes it easy to manoeuvre, so whether you’re operating from a building site, inside a historic property or on a new development, the large rugged running wheels guarantee easy transport. No matter how experienced you are in the plastering trade, the design of the storage vessel, mixing tube and the   mixing shaft will be sure to impress, and they ensure a constant and intensive mixture of the highest quality. Unlike many machines in its grouping, the S44-2 FU-3 kW-230V has a control module that’s easily removed, ensuring both parts can be easily moved when you clock off for the day. 

Safety is of course a top priority, and Ülzener has not disappointed in this respect. With a safety sensor at the motor flange, you’re able to switch the machine off quickly, effortlessly and reliably – so long as the pump motor is hinged away. 

A safety sieve that allows for seamless maintenance

The dry material of your choosing is filled via the safety sieve, featuring a bag ripper so that it can be painlessly placed in the hopper and mixing chamber. A screw blissfully secures the safety sieve but it can be swiftly detached, meaning the mixing chamber can be cleaned to perfection without any hassle. You can also purchase a feeding hood for silo filling if you require, but below are the parts you’ll receive if you order the standard version of the PUTZKNECHT S44-2:

  • Machine frame with roles
  • Mortar container with mixing tube and pump parts
  • Pump motor with flange and locking pin
  • Motor control with frequency converter (FC)
  • Mortar hose and air hose /10m- Standard spray gun
  • Piston compressor with automatic shut-off
  • Tools in practical bag 
  • Operating manual and spare parts list
  • CE-Conformity declaration

So if you’re looking for a mixing pump that’s strong, easy to use, quick to dismantle and a breeze to manoeuvre, the S44-2 FU-3 kW-230V is a fine option. There are two other versions to consider too, so if you’re unsure whether this is a more suitable option for you than the 230/400V or the 5,5kW, we’d be glad to run through each of the options with you to ensure you decide on the right machine for your application, workload and budget.