Mixing Shaft (Helical Blade) for PFT G4

Mixing Shaft (Helical Blade) for PFT G4

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The classic Mixing Shaft for PFT G4, Utiform Quattro, Turbosol Giotto, VEP VR6 and other mixing pumps of the same style

Probably the most commonly used mixing shaft for mixing pumps on the market. The Helical Blade Mixing Shaft can be used for German pumps like the PFT machines G4 and G5 and the V.E.P VR6 as well as Italian and Spanish versions of the G4 from Utiform, Maltech or Turbosol.

If you are using specialty plaster and are unsure if you need a different design, please get in touch. We will be happy to discuss your mixing shaft needs with you.

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