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M-Tec D10 - Continuous Mixer

This M-Tec D10 has been years in the making, tuning, refining, adjusting and re-iterating previous models to get to the best it can be. The original D10 paved the way for modern mixing solutions so it was only right that this model once again became a flag bearer in the M-Tec range of products.

After these refinements, the D10 today has an even better cleaning and mixing process which is helping it at the absolute forefront of the ever growing demands of modern building sites big and small and becoming one of the most popular products on the market today.

Not only does the D10 come with improved processes that are sure to drive efficiencies even further, but after careful planning and rigorous testing, the D10 can now process classic dry mortar products with granularity of up to 4mm.

As well as handling the slightly more coarse materials, the D10 continues to be a market leader in fine-grained products that have a high proportion of synthetic materials such as levelling compound and silicon renders. These materials can typically be a challenge for some mixers but the D10 is made for it.

The D10 comes in two power options and can be fed a variety of means, through standard or piccolo silos or even with bagged material which makes this a machine that can work well in any environment and offers the versatility to cater for all types of plasterers.

The big difference with the m-tec D10

The wide range of materials that the D10 can cope with is only possible because of the M-Tec patented mixing principle which is constantly evolving and ensures the best possible blending of the materials that results in a consistent high quality finish.

The mixing process in the D10 differs in one major way which is the transfer of material from the dosing area to the mixing area. In most mixers, water is sprayed onto the material, however the D10 has a tank of water which the material is dosed into based on a patented mixing principle. The results are outstanding, a more even blend that’s finer and allows the aggregates to take full effect, all of which combines to create a high quality end product.

Developments with the D10 don’t stop at its improved processing but carry on to the ease of maintenance of the machine. The PU components in the mixing pipe drastically reduce the effort needed when cleaning and also eradicate any chance of corrosion leading to a prolonged lifespan. As is standard in all modern M-Tec systems the quick to use connector system also allows components to be taken off and cleaned in just a few seconds.

If you have any questions about this model, or need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team today.