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M-Tec D20 - Robust All-rounder mixer

The D20 is widely recognised as a robust all-rounder for processing dry mortar products, with a granularity of up to 4mm. So whether you are regularly carrying out plastering, flooring, rendering or renovating, it is certain to deliver first-rate performance. Depending on the version you choose, the M-Tec D20 rationalises the processing of decorative renders, bricklaying mortar or fine concrete. Every building site needs a solid, durable and speedy mixer, and whether you choose the 230V or the 400V model, you’ll have a dependable plastering machine that can be used for a huge range of applications, such as:

  • Reinforcing mortar and adhesive mortar
  • Finishing plasters
  • Lime gypsum plasters
  • Cement plasters
  • Lime plasters
  • Lime cement plasters
  • Bricklaying mortar
  • Very fine concrete

Which model is right for your requirements?

The 230V is built to process decorative renders and is therefore fitted with the incredibly versatile standard mixing chamber with a plain bearing. The 400V version is slightly different, with an aptitude for processing heavier materials like bricklaying mortar or fine concrete. At the heart of this particular machine is the ball bearing-mounted fine concrete mixing chamber.

The D20 is filled with bagged material as standard, delivering exceptional homogenous blending, whilst the large material container is a perfect fit for building sites. There are plenty of other advantages too, such as the fact that its tried-and-tested steel components guarantee a long service life and minimal maintenance, whilst you’ll also discover a series of neatly organised controls. Obviously on every construction site, there’s a need to move heavy machinery quickly and easily, and the D20 has been thoughtfully designed by M-Tec to enable easy dismantling, whilst it’s very easy to clean and maintain too, so you don’t have to spend too much of your valuable time ensuring it’s ready for another day’s work. Overall, this popular plastering machine is very easy to handle, strong and dependable for years to come, whilst it has already proven itself in the construction sector, helping contractors increase productivity and complete jobs quickly whilst taking away the stress of maintaining the perfect consistency.

Whether you’re an experienced plasterer or an aspiring flooring contractor, the M-Tec D20 is designed “for better building”. There are a series of accessories for this machine such as the Water pump, filter cap, feeding cap, insulating plaster mounting (to increase the size of the material container), flowmeter and tarpaulin for the material container, so you can ‘kit out’ the machine out to your exact requirements. The clear layout of the controls means that the system is extremely intuitive. As is the case with all M-Tec systems, the D20 features easy to use connector systems that enable important elements, meaning the mixing chamber or mixer motor can be replaced in just a few seconds. If you’d like to learn some more about this plastering machine, or wish to speak to us about your exact requirements, we’d be more than happy to assist.