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M-Tec M280 - Lightweight and Powerful Mixing Pump

If you’re looking for a mixing pump that’s reliable, fast, efficient, lightweight and powerful, the M-Tec M280 is a fine option. Boasting quality workmanship, it’s very easy to handle and can be utilised for a diverse range of applications. Depending on your busy work schedule and the areas of plastering you focus on, the M280 plastering machine allows you to blend a multitude of materials, including:

  • Dry adhesives
  • Cement plasters
  • Finishing plasters
  • Floor screed
  • Flowing screeds
  • Insulating plaster
  • Lime plasters
  • Reinforcing and adhesive mortars
  • Self-levelling products

M-Tec’s talented engineers have paid meticulous attention to detail, ensuring the innovative technology is harnessed flawlessly, with controls free of unnecessary   switches, meaning it’s incredibly easy to operate, no matter how many years of experience you have in the plastering trade.

A beast of a plastering machine for building sites!

M-Tec has developed a fine reputation for producing first-class plastering machines that are fit for purpose on the most demanding building sites, and construction workers from across the globe love the M280. With a strong yet relatively compact build mounted on wheels that have been made specifically for building site conditions, it can be easily transported, either manually or hoisted by a crane to various locations. Obviously not every stage of a building project requires a crane to be present, and so if there is not one available, you can swiftly dismantle the M-Tec M280 into its constituent components.

There are plenty of added conveniences with this model too, such as the cleaning slide, which expertly separates the wet and dry sections. With the mixing chamber swivelled off, the system can continue running in “two-hand jog mode” until the hopper is completely empty. This means you’re guaranteed fast, efficient, and residue free cleaning and maintenance, so you don’t have to spend precious hours deep cleaning the mixing and pumping sections. As you may have spotted, the Duo-Mix has the same connections as the M280 and this means that it can be fitted as an accessory to its filter and feeding hoods, giving you complete convenience and adaptability.

So whether you’re looking for a professional mixing pump that is easy to dismantle, allows for exceptional maneuverability or one that features wheels crafted to handle most building site terrain challenges, the M280 must be considered. It’s very safe to use on all construction sites and has already proven itself in this sector as a reliable machine, no matter how hostile the working environment may be. It takes a fine machine to satisfy the needs of modern building sites, so if you feel the M-Tec M280 can help you maximise productivity, improve efficiency and satisfy your need for speed, please get in touch with us today and we can guide you through the most important features in more detail.