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M-Tec M330 - Mixing pumps loaded with Modern Technology

The M330 marks a step-change in the world of plastering pumps. A new generation that integrates the newest technological advances into a stable of products that are known for reliability. The M330 is sure to change the way plasterers work.  

The latest technology featured in the M330 is a new to the world and patented mixing principle that allows materials to be perfectly blended for maximum efficiency and results in a drastic increase in consistency of the material, a result that can be hard to find without the right execution.

The state of the art technology uses a system that separates the dry and wet areas which enables a permanent and constant ratio of dry material to water achieving the perfect consistency every time. The modern day technology and the large mixing volume allows plasterers to work with limited interruptions and focus on the job at hand.

As a result of the improvements in technology the pump itself is void of having to carry out any additional mixing tasks allowing it to concentrate solely on its most important function, pumping. As one of the leaders in the technological advances in mixing pumps, M-Tec have taken their tried and tested mixers which are reliable, powerful and durable then added the technology which means the underlying quality is superb.

The benefits of modern technology in mixing pumps

As plasterers start to adopt a more modern approach and embrace mixing pumps and machines with more technology there will be a number of added benefits;
  • A growth in efficiency from raw materials
  • Increased productivity in material
  • Reduced costs due to less wastage
In addition to better effectiveness and cost-saving, special care and attention has been paid to ensure that the cleaning and maintenance of the M330 is as simple as possible.

The use of modern polyurethane (PU) components throughout the mixing chamber, helps in the cleaning process but also comes with an additional benefit of reducing the risk of corrosion to zero therefore increasing the service life.

The M330 delivers a solution that works for the modern day mobile plasterer. The clear layout of the controls make it easy to operate in all environments and the forward-thinking design approach results in a larger wheel base, which makes the M330 one of the easier machines of its size to transport. With a crane the M330 can be moved as one piece across building sites or it can be dismantled easily into five, easy to manage parts which can then be moved across sites.

On its own, the M330 comes fully loaded with new technology that’s underpinned with the superior build quality and ease of use you come to expect from an M-Tec product, however if you’re looking for a package, then there is an extensive range of accessories that will take this machine one step further ahead including filter and feeding hoods, mortar hoses, adhesive and fine plaster spray guns as well as a float finisher and extended hopper for an even larger mix of material. If you have any questions about this model, or need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team today.