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M-Tec M6 - for Interior and Exterior Plasters

The M-Tec M6 is another fine mixing pump for interior and exterior plasters, whilst it’s also ideal for liquid screed. One of the main advantages of the M6 is its simple operation, perfect for plasterers and screeders of all experience levels. Whether you’re looking to speed up your processes, improve efficiency or complete jobs to a higher standard, this model is stripped back to the essentials, meaning you’re not presented with unnecessarily complicated controls!

Like many other M-Tec mixer pumps, the M6 is very easy to maintain, meaning you don’t have to spend hours at the end of your working day ensuring it is ready for the next job. You can swiftly dismantle the model into individual subassemblies, all in a handful of simple steps. The electrical components are connected via plug-in devices to the integrated unit, whilst all material-carrying parts can be easily moved back to your construction site, lockup or van without you needing to break a sweat!

What materials and applications can the M-Tec M6 be used for?

It’s ideally suited to all pumpable dry mortars, including:

  • Gypsum plaster
  • Lime cement plaster
  • Adhesive and reinforcing mortar
  • Restoration plaster
  • Thin layer gypsum and cement products
  • Flooring screed
  • Insulating plaster
  • Restoration plaster

The four most common applications for the M6 are rendering, external thermal insulation composite systems (ETICS), plastering and renovating, but it’s widely used in the construction sector. As is the case with all high quality mixing pumps, there are a few accessories M-Tec recommends you purchase to make full use of the machine, and these are:
  • Injector hood
  • Transfer hood
  • Aftermixer
  • Mortar hose NW25
  • Mortar hose NW 35
  • Air hose
  • Water hose
  • Connecting cable
  • Remote control cable
  • Various sprayer

Built to last, offering exceptional reliability through years of hard graft, the M6 is one of the finest machines in its class. Whether you’re new to the world of plastering or are an experienced renovator looking to speed through projects without compromising performance, the clear design of the controls and the conscious  abandonment of redundant switches make the machine very easy to use, whilst its rigged structure will not let you down. It’s a hugely beneficial to individuals and construction teams, delivering a certain finesse to plastering – separating the best from the rest! So if you’re struggling with your existing or workload and need a machine that can save you time and money whilst reducing stress, the M6 is an exceptional solution, built to the highest standards!