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PFT Swing M - Light and compact conveying pump

Designed with the modern day active plasterer in mind, the PFT Swing M is a must have for the application of plaster throughout construction sites both big and small. From the one off job through to some of the nation's largest housing development projects, the PFT Swing M will fit right in and not only improve your efficiency but also help to deliver a superior quality of finish that will leave your clients more than impressed.

As the PFT Swing M is one of the smallest conveying pumps on the market, it makes it an ideal fit for pasty filling plasterers looking to invest in a cleverly designed machine which will both improve their efficiency and also the kind of jobs they can take on.

At the heart of the PFT Swing M is versatility which is evident with the wide range of pumpable mortars that this impressive machine can handle. The way this machine has been designed makes it great for the application of the two biggest types of mortars; lime and cement meaning it’s more than suitable for almost every job.

Weather you’re a plasterer looking for a solution that will help you apply lime-cement render (< 3mm) or looking to provide fine filler or a finishing coat, the PFT Swing M will quickly become your go to everyday tool of choice. You can even use the PFT Swing M with adhesive and reinforcement mortar for that stronger, sturdier finish.

The Advantages of the PFT Swing M

Above and beyond its versatility, the PFT Swing M comes with further advantages which help make this small machine deliver some big results.

Tough Design

It’s well thought out and rugged design makes it more than capable of standing up to the harshest of conditions.
No need for big inverters to get set up, the PFT Swing M can simply plug straight into any normal wall socket and can even come with a remote control for added ease.

An added bag squeezer

The inclusion of a bag squeezer makes the PFT Swing M ideal for mounting onto a material hopper
Simple maintenance and cleaning
The hopper is made from plastic and has a cleaning port which means it is easy to access and wipe clean. This coupled with the simplicity of the design makes it very easy to maintain.

Easy to transport

The machine itself is small, light and compact making it easily transportable in any estate car.
Almost unmatched performance
The pump is continuously adjustable via the potentiometer and even offers variable conveying outputs through a simple pump change (B or C pump)
It's the enormous versatility and flexibility that make the PFT Swing M one of the best selling products in its category and also a reason why this won’t be just another tool in your arsenal. If you have any questions about this model, or need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team today.