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The PFT ZP 3 is a highly popular conveying pump and it’s ideal if you’re looking for a modern pump that can handle lime and cement based ready-mixed dry mortars, wet materials, pasty materials and liquid media.

There aren’t too many comparable plastering machines on the market either. The PFT ZP 3 is unique in that it’s available in a range of conveying capacities and distances, so it’s important to choose a version that meets your requirements. There are currently four popular variations to choose from: ‘M’, ‘L MULTIMIX’, ‘XL MIX’ and ‘XXL’. So whether you specialise in concrete repairs, reinforcing mortars or loam rendering, the ZP 3 family will not disappoint, whilst these machines can also be used for the following applications:

Job site mortar
Masonry / light masonry mortars
Cement renders
Scratch coat
Renovation mortars

Cleaning and maintenance with minimal effort!

With high conveying capacity and distance, you’re guaranteed a conveying pump that’s built to last, serving the professional plastering market, whilst it also features an integrated control unit, a remote control and an incredibly robust design. You’ll not only discover strong build quality, but the PFT ZP 3 also enables little effort in terms of cleaning and maintenance, so less of your time is wasted on tedious tasks that often arise at the end of the working day.  Depending on the version you choose, there may be plenty of additional benefits too, such as:

Handle at the pressure flange with integrated compressor console and hook.
Filled from integrated batch mixer.
Oil sealing unit between gearbox and material hopper.
Bevelled material hopper, the material runs automatically to the pump, therefore there’s hardly any residual material.
Machine can be shutdown by the remote switch.

So whether you’re looking to complete plastering tasks quickly, boost efficiently or enjoy more convenient work processes, the PFT ZP 3 can meet your needs. It has been carefully designed by leading manufacturer PFT to save professionals a considerable amount of time, money and stress, whilst improving profits and boosting scalability. With so many different designs to choose from, it’s important to take a look at the individual specifications, however, each and every one of the machines that make up the PFT ZP 3 line-up can be extremely useful to building construction or renovation, whilst maintenance is generally swift and smooth. These plastering machines are built to last, preserving fine physical condition for a very long time, so you don’t have to worry about experiencing downtime. If you did require any spare parts, components are every easy to access at the most affordable prices.

Overall the technology behind the PFT ZP 3 conveying pumps lends itself to being very multipurpose, but if you’re unsure on whether it’s the right machine for you or your staff, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our friendly team will be glad to provide the best possible advice, tailored to your individual requirements.