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Turbosol BM30

Turbosol BM30 - for pumping concrete and shotcrete

The BM30 features a 2-cylinder hydraulic piston pump with S-valve and variable output, yet it’s been sophisticatedly designed for both for pumping concrete and for shotcrete. By giving you the freedom to choose between two versions depending on your application, Turbosol offers exceptional flexibility, quality and reliability.

Turbosol’s BM30 is designed with heavy working conditions in mind, delivering 80 bar of maximum pressure, pumping between 2 and 30 cubic meters concrete per hour – streamlining a huge mix of applications, such as:

Pumping up to 35mm of concrete
Self-levelling floor screeds
Land reinforcement
Micro-piles, pressurized injection of mortars and slurries
Compaction grouting
Shotcrete works

Designed with user comfort in mind

Every detail is designed to make life easier for the user without compromising safety. You’re also guaranteed simple maintenance, and can swiftly open the hopper for easy access to the agitator and the S-valve. The machine is also equipped with a series of sensors for safety use, whilst there’s a four open-points canopy for easy access to mechanical parts. Unlike many machines in its category, the BM30 makes loading easy thanks to the generous hopper, whilst you can also take advantage of the following features:

Automatic shutdown of the mixer and the pump when the grill is opened
Simple maintenance thanks to the easy access to the side doors
Centralised lubrication system for swift and seamless daily servicing
Flexible use of hoses and pressure connections depending on your application
Tipping hopper for faster cleaning and maintenance operations

Pumping and Shotcrete versions

As discussed, there are two versions of this model; pumping and shotcrete. The pumping version is complete with concrete grill, steel pipes and rubber hoses 125 whilst the shotcrete model comes complete with grill (with 15 mm mesh), rubber hose 125 and shotcrete gun 50.

Both models are equipped to allow for a constant flow whilst you’re guaranteed robust wheels that make it easy to manoeuvre on the bumpiest of building sites. Highly regarded in the construction sector as a handy and compact concrete machine with excellent price-performance ratio, the BM30 can delivery slurries at considerable heights and distances in heavy-working conditions. Depending on your individual requirements, there are plenty of optional extras, including the 3-function radio remote control, the high pressure cleaner and the elastic axle for road towing with brakes and towlights. To learn more about this convenient, compact and cutting-edge machine, please get in touch with us today.