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The Turbosol Giotto plaster machine

As a single single-phase plastering machine, the Giotto is thoughtfully designed to increase productivity and efficiency for plasterers, making life easier when dosing, mixing, pumping and spraying dry mixed materials (from bag or silo). With high quality components and a highly efficient motor, the Giotto is ideal for internal plasters, external coatings and self-levelling floor screeds. This machine is designed for those that need optimum efficiency, durability and smooth operation, helping plasterers of all experience levels increase speed, quality and coverage.   

As a user-friendly and flexible modular machine, the Giotto is by far one of the leading models in its category, whilst it benefits from a very large hopper with a bending measuring cell, and all components have been carefully selected to guarantee maximum reliability. For complete convenience, the machine can be easily dismantled into four sections to guarantee quick and easy maintenance tasks, whilst there is a selection of interchangeable pumps depending on the job you need to complete. There are also a huge range of accessories available for this particular model, such as mixers for lightweight materials, pumps and rotors. So feel free to send us a message if you need any further information on the accessories that are compatible with this model.

Reap huge rewards with the Giotto Turbosol plaster sprayer!

As a modern, professional and easy-to-use plastering machine, the Giotto Turbosol plaster sprayer guarantees a very quick application of cement-based, gypsum-based and insulating ready-mixed dry plasters – even in very small rooms. It also brings the following advantages:

Extremely practical and functional under all operating conditions.
Perfect for dosing, mixing, pumping and spraying dry mix materials.
Flawlessly designed with a modular bent trolled steel body combined with a highly efficient geared motor.
You have the option of high quality components, ensuring excellent reliability and versatility.
It’s so easy to transport, and can be effortlessly dismantled into four main parts.
Allows the operator to work swiftly, simply and safely.
Meets the rigorous requirements of international safety standards.

There is a great deal of equipment included as standard, such as the electric pump, Turbosol diaphragm compressor, EC standard electric control board and standard mixer among other features. If you have any questions on this model, or need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team today.  

Technical data



Power supply tension400 V
Auxiliary control tension24 V
Electric motor5,5 kW plaster pump - 0,5 kW cell dosing hopper
Worm pumpD 6.3 (standard)
Max. aggregate size3 to 5 mm depending on the pump group
Theorical output [*] 30 l/min
Max. workin pressure 40 bar
Diaphragm compressor   250 l/min - 0,82 kW
Water pump60 l/min - 0,80 kW
Hopper capacity 110 l
Delivery distance [*] 40 m
Delivery height [*] 15 m
Filling height99 cm
Delivery manifold 25 mm
Size (L x W x H) 115 x 65 x 147 cm
Weight250 kg

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