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Turbosol Uni 30

Turbosol Uni 30 - Robust and hard wearing mixing pump

Designed and built to be robust and hard wearing, the Turbosol Uni 30 is one of the most popular and sought after mixing pumps in its category. The system that has been uniquely designed with the Turbosol Uni 30 in mind and is made for one simple purpose in mind; transporting and pumping both common and special mortars.

With the singular objective at the forefront of the design, the Turbosol Uni 30 has quickly become the pump of choice for the modern plasterer and over its many years in the industry has become a mark of excellence. With over 10,000 pumps sold across the globe, the UNI 30 is a pump that comes with an excellent history and an exceptional track record of delivering first class results.

Being the pump of choice world-wide, the Turbosol Uni 30 has also been widely tested in many grueling circumstances and environments which has guided the development. The first class build quality and incredible reliability entrenched in this machine over many years has meant it’s now ready to stand up to it all. If you’re looking for a single piston pump with ball valves that can cope with the harshest of situations, look no further than the Turbosol Uni 30.
Ideal for mixing up to 10mm aggregate size, the Turbosol Uni 30 is most definitely the most versatile in its category but it also has a list of features and applications that help set it further apart from its competitors. For spraying traditional site mixes and a wide array of pre-blended mortars the Turbosol Uni 30 is ideal, what’s more is that the pump can also be used for self-levelling screed, micro-concrete, slurries and even grouts.

Maybe the stand out selling point of the Turbosol Uni 30 is how the high quality components and service friendly constructuction give it such a long service life. Thanks to this, the best feature of the Turbosol Uni 30 is its long-standing commercial usage.

The Turbosol Uni 30 might have been around for a long time but the long list of features have been updated to keep up with the times. The two-speed gear reduction unit and automatic mechanical safety device helps to reduce over pressure. The pneumatic remote control helps with ease of use and the accessory box gives the included spray gun a number of nozzles to diversify the application methods.

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