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Uelzener Putzknecht S36


The mixing pump PUTZKNECHT S36 is a discontinuously working machine as combination of batch mixer and worm pump. The unit is always used when mixing pumps (like e.g. PUTZKNECHT S44 and S48) because of the high performance and the continuous mixing and pumping process cannot be used.

The PUTZKNECHT S36 can also process special mortars with long swelling and mixing times. The simple functions “right-handed rotation = mixing / anticlockwise rotation = pumping) allows the operator to have a look at the mixture and if necessary adapt it to the required processing consistency. This is saving expensive waste of mortar. The drive of the unit is in vertical position and drives the mixer as well as the worn pump.

The PUTZKNECHT S36 can be operated either with 400V/50Hz three phase or 230 V single phases via the frequency converter. The three phase version offers 2 speeds for mixing and pumping and the version with frequency converter is infinitely variable. A guard plate between material inlet and drive protects the engine against dirt and is reduces the dust raised by the engine cooling air. The unit is mounted on a rigid tube rack on 2 wheels and can be moved also with filled hopper. After the eccentric locking the upper part of the machine with the drive can be tipped up for easy cleaning of hopper and mixing shaft. The electric control is located below the material inlet. The material outlet is equipped with a rapid action coupling SK24 for ID25 mortar hoses. The unit can be disassembled in upper machine part with drive, hopper with electric control and rack so that the parts can be transported separately