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Uelzener PUTZKNECHT S44-2-FU-4kW-230/400V

Uelzener PUTZKNECHT S44-2-FU-4kW-230/400V

The Ulzener Putzknecht was designed and built to be a suitable alternative to the ever-popular Ulzener Putzknecht S48. Designed by the same team of engineers with build quality and durability made famous by the Ulzener brand, the S44-2 is ideal for plasterers working on small to medium sized construction sites.

Versatility comes in-built in this handy mixing pump, providing a great solution for plasterers who work with a host of different pre-mixed materials. The clever design means that handling machine-finished interior and exterior plaster is no challenge. The S44-2 can also handle dry, pre-mixed materials as long as they are in a pumpable consistency and when combined with an injection hood, it can also be connected to a silo for use with an even wider range of materials like gypsum lime and reinforcing mortar.

The steel tube machined frame makes the S44 both robust enough to stand up to the environment of a modern day construction site but also lightweight enough to be transportable. The machine can be easily dismantled into pieces that make it a dream for plasterers that find themselves frequently on the move. 

The Putzknecht S44-2 comes in two different power supplies which simply makes it one of the most versatile machines in its category. In both 230v and 400v the constant geared motor packs a huge punch and the components akin to the Ulzener brand and German build quality allow for a conveying distance of up to 20 metres. 

One of the greatest features of the Putzknecht S44-2 is the ease of use. Probably one of the easiest machines to use on the market, the S44-2 comes packed with features like the detachable, electrical control which allows you full control over the water metering. 

Above and beyond the usability is the simplicity of the machine. It’s ingenious design means that servicing it is simple making use of detachable components and the S44-2 comes with a bag ripper to allow for simple bag feeding as standard. If that wasn’t enough, there is also a roll up toolkit for maintenance and even its own cleaning kit.

In the Ulzener Putzknecht S44-2, you have a solution that delivers efficiency beyond its price range, unmatched build quality and versatility that makes this mixing pump one of the biggest sellers on the market. The S44 might be the budget friendly smaller sibling of the S48, but it still matches up to the build quality and durability of its counterpart. If you have any questions about this model, or need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team today.