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Uelzener Putzknecht S58

Uelzener Putzknecht S58

The S58 promises German engineering for plasterers looking for a solid build quality and durability that will last a lifetime.

The S58 makes for a great alternative for plasterers who currently use a tundish spraying system when repairing surfaces but who are seeking to improve their efficiency and maximise their time and productivity when on construction sites.


As a machine that delivers on a number of key areas, the S58 is ideal for when preparing materials for small to medium sized projects that need effective mixing or conveying. The low load height makes the S58 perfect for filling the hopper by bag allowing for plasterers to mix on demand for the job at hand.


Designed with efficiency in mind, the S58 takes advantage of two counter rotating conveying screws that help to drastically loosen the input material and transport it into the vertical mixing pipe with ease. The components are made from state of the art materials which mean that they don’t damage easily and cause minimal wear and tear which helps the S58 deliver a long lifespan.


The S58 promises doesn’t just promise ease of use of improved efficiency but the output is always consistent and uniform allowing for minimal problems when working on a busy construction site. The system that delivers this outstanding performance ensures constant water 

supply but only when needed. This compact pump has been created to guarantee easy cleaning and many key components can be easily removed in minutes for cleaning and maintenance which make this a machine that can keep going for years to come.


The range of accessories for the Putzknecht S58

As the construction industry continues to develop, the S58 will stay a high performing machine due to the growing number of accessories that can be attached. To make the most of the full package the accessories available include a feeding hood and a remote cable control please let us know.


If you have any questions about this model, or need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team today.