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Putzparts is the online home of Viapex GmbH

Based in the German capital Berlin, Viapex has been a global leader in mixing pump equipment with a special focus on rotor stator pumps. 

We have always had the vision to bring our German made equipment to the world. For that reason, 90% of our customers are based outside of Germany, and 65% outside of Europe. 

We make the process of importing our products from Germany easy and efficient. Our international customers value the high quality of our products, the competitive pricing, as well as the competence of our service. 

Rather than supplying contractors directly, our customers are usually one of the following:

Signature products created by Viapex evolved from specialized needs and requirements of our customers. With our experience in this market we are able to develop custom made solutions.

Ever since our founding, our focus has been on mixing pumps that work with rotor stators. This is what we do best. Rotor Stator pumps of various sizes, hoses, spray guns, nozzles, couplings, gear motors and compressors. 

A large inventory of parts, experienced sales staff, and technical support provides unparalleled service. Buy direct from the Source! 

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We are specialized on rotor stator pumps and spare parts for various machines from brands like Putzmeister, Ülzener, M-Tec, PFT, Mai, Imer and Turbosol.

If you should not be able to find the part you are looking for in our shop, send us an email at and we will get back to you with a quote in no time.