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2L6 Rotor Stator Set

2L6 Rotor Stator Set

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The rotor stator 2L6 pumps a variety of different materials, from fireproofing, grout or mortar.

The Rotor Stator Set 2L6

The 2L6 pump is a very popular rotor stator in the steel and refractory industry as well as several construction applications such as Special Mortar and Concrete Flooring Mortar. The reason why so many trust this rotor stator pump is its resistance and its high throughput. Machines like the S5 or P11, as well as many other mixer pumps, bring their best result when working with the 2L6 rotor stator pump.

Important: The rotor comes with a drill hole. If you require a rotor head with a slit, please get in touch directly.

Fields of application of the 2L6 rotor stator pump

The 2L6 Rotor Stator is a trusted pump for tundish Refractory Material spraying mashines, as well as fireproofing, plaster, grout or mortar spraying machines. A variety of different spray machines use this pump, such as the S5 or P11 work with this set, as well as many other machines.

The Rotor Stator 2L6 is available with a maintanance free stator, a integrated clamp stator as well as the stator with 8 slots that you can see in the picture. The prices for the integrated clamp and the maintanance free stators are different, so get in touch with us, if you are interested in one of those.

Technical Information about the 2L6 Rotor Stator Set:

101,6mm / 535mm

Throughput (l/min) at 400RPM: 65

Grain Size (mm): 8


The rotor head in this particular 2L6 combination has a drilled hole. Please get in touch if you require a different rotor head. We can also provide rotors with slot and slot/drill hole combinations.



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