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Rotor/Stator D5-2,5 Set
Rotor/Stator D5-2,5 Set
Rotor/Stator D5-2,5 Set

Rotor/Stator D5-2,5 Set

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The D5-2.5 is also known as D4MV

This particular Set of Rotor and Stator is suited for pumping gypsum and concrete plaster. Like all of our rotors and stators, this one is also a high quality screw pump made in Germany. The pump works with all common plastering machines, like the PFT G4, the MP25 or the Turbosol Giotto.

The Rotor D5-2,5

The Rotor is the snake shaped part of the pump. The one that rotates within the pump system. Hence the name rotor. A lot of cheap Rotors are made out of cast iron, some are even hollow on the inside. Our Rotor D5-2,5 is made out of high-alloyd steel. It lasts longer and provides a better pumping result.

Stator D5-2,5

The Stator is the outer part of the pump. The mantle that doesn't move. When buying a stator it is important to look for the quality of the rubber. It shouldn't be too soft or too hard. If the rubber is too soft, the stator wears out too fast. If it is too hard on the other hand the pump will have a difficulty to produce pressure.


Technical details:

The stator dimensions: 89mm diameter and  270mm length

The Output at 400rpm: 25 l/min

Max. Grain: 5mm

The stator is also available in pink.

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