1.5L71 Rotor Stator Set

1.5L8 Rotor Stator Set

1L6 Rotor Stator Set

25 mm Mortar Coupling Male IT

2L3 Rotor Stator Set

2L6 +++ Rotor Stator Set

2L6 Rotor Stator Set

2L7 Rotor Stator Set

2L74 / 60-12 Rotor Stator Set

2L75 Rotor Stator Set

2L8 Rotor Stator Set

2L88 Rotor Stator Set

35 mm Mortar Coupling Male IT

3L7 Rotor Stator Set

4 N13 Rotor Stator Set

50/7 R Rotor Stator Set

75.15 (7515) Rotor Stator Set

Air Compressor Filter for K2

Air Compressor K2

Air Nozzle Pipe 130 mm

Air Nozzle Pipe 180 mm

Air set for Ülzener with T-Piece

Aliva 246 Rubber Plate

Aliva 260 Rubber Plate

Aliva 260 Steel Plate

Aliva 262 Rubber Plate

Aliva 262 Steel Plate

Aliva 285-263 Rubber Plate

Aliva 285-263 Steel Plate

Barrel Nipple 1 1/4" x 80mm

Base Plate K2

Betonstar 2 Rotor Stator Set

Blue Spray Cap

Cam Lever

CEE Plug 5 x 32 A 400 V

Cleaner for Air Pipe

Cleaning Shaft G4/G5

Cleaning Shaft MP 25

Cleaning Shaft S48

Compressor ABN Meko 280/D

Compressor Filter Square

Compressor Repair Kit for MP 25

Compressor V-MEKO 400, 360 l / min, 400 V / 50 Hz

Conveying Worm S48

Coupling 25 male

Coupling 35 male

Coupling 50 male with grommet

Coupling for hydraulically pressed hoses/ 35mm/ female

Coupling with Hose Stem (full passage) (25mm-65mm)

Cylinder head for K2 compressor

D4-1/1 Rotor Stator Set

D4-1/2 Rotor Stator Set

D4-1/4 Rotor Stator Set

D5 Long Rotor Stator Set

D5 Short Rotor Stator Set

D5-2.5 Rotor Stator Set

D6-2 Rotor Stator Set

D6-3 Rotor Stator Set

D6-3 Rotor Stator Set "Drill"

D7-2.5 Rotor Stator Set

D8-1.5 Rotor Stator Set

D8-2 Rotor Stator Set

Delta2 Compressor, 200 l / min, 400 V / 50 Hz without cut - off

Digital Flow Meter

Dirt Trap

Double Connector

Double Push Button for MP25 and MSX

Driver Claw / Hauling Bracket G4

Driver Claw 30mm

Driver Claw G4/G5

Driving bush

Estrichstar Rotor Stator Set

Filter for Pressure Reducing Valve

Fine plaster spray gun

Fine Plaster Spray Gun 6mm

Fine Plaster Spraygun

Flanged Nut M16 for Tension Anchor

Fuse 2

Fuse for Transformator (small)

Geka Coupling with grommet

Geka Coupling without grommet

Handle for K2

Hose Clamp for 35mm Mortar Hose

Hose Clamp for Hose 50 mm

Hose Holder

Injection Hood for Putzknecht S48

Kamlok Coupling female 1 1/2"

Kamlok Coupling female 1"

Kamlok Coupling female 1/2"

Kamlok male 1 1/4"

Kamlok male 1"

Kamlok male 1/2"

Kamlok male 3/4"

Key for Control Cabinet

M-Tec D10

M-Tec D20

M-Tec D30

M-Tec D50

M-tec driver claw

M-Tec Duo Mix 2000

M-Tec Flotti

M-Tec M200

M-Tec M280

M-Tec M330

M-Tec M6

M-Tec Mono Mix

M-Tec Speedy MP

Main Switch

Manometer 0-6 Bar

Megastar Rotor Stator

Membrane for K2

Meyco GM Rubber Plate (Normet GM)

Meyco GM Steel Plate (Normet GM)

Meyco Piccola Rubber Plate

Meyco Piccola Steel Plate

Mixing Shaft (Helical Blade) for PFT G4

Mixing Shaft for Ülzener Putzknecht S49

Mixing Shaft für Putzknecht S48 for Kratzputz

Mixing Shaft MP 22

Mixing Shaft MP 25

Mixing Shaft MSX

Mixing Shaft Putzknecht S44 - Floating Screed

Mixing Shaft S48

Mixing Shaft with Holes

Mixing Tube Cleaner

Mixing Tube Cleaner S 48 / VR 8

Mortar Coupling with female thread

Mortar Pressure Gauge 25mm

Mortar Pressure Gauge 35mm

Mortar Pressure Gauge 50mm / 2"

Motor Coupling Putzknecht S48

Motor ZF 38 5,5 kW

N13-S Rotor Stator Set

Needle Valve 1/2"

Nipple 25 male plus GEKA coupling

Nozzle (white) 12, 14,16 or 18mm

Nozzle Black (12, 14, 16 or 18 mm)

Nozzle Holder 1 1/2" IT, 2 ET

Nozzle Holder 1 1/4", IT/IT

Nozzle Holder 2 ET, 2 ET

Nozzle Holder 2" IT, 2 ET

Nozzle Holder, 1 1/2" IT/IT

Nut cap 1" ext thread plastic 1/2" for Flow Meter 1000l and 1500

Nut Cap for Flow Meter 1600l

Perrot Coupling female with grommet

Perrot Coupling Male




PFT Swing M


Pin for Flow Meter

Plaster Spraying Gun NW25

Plastic Coupling

Plastic Cover

Plastic Mixing Tube Ülzener S48

Plastic Spray Head

Pole Reverse Switch

Pole Reverse Switch Ülzener machines

Poly Flex Disc

Pressure Flange for D-Pump Silver

Pressure Flange for PFT G4

Pressure Flange white

Pressure Flange with Manometer

Pressure Reducer Valve (Low Pressure) 3/4"

Pressure Reducing Valve 1/2"

Pressure Switch

Pressure/Compression Flange with Tension Anchor

Protective Motor Switch

Putzmeister MP 25 (MP25)

Putzparts Coupling

R-Meko 1440 D Compressor

R-Meko 720 Compressor

R7-1.5 Rotor Stator Set

R8-1.5 Rotor Stator Set

R8-3 Rotor Stator Set

Reducing Coupling (50 male to 35 male, 35 male to 25 male)

Rotor 1.5L71

Rotor 1.5L8

Rotor 12 round holes -Piccola-

Rotor 1L6

Rotor 2L3

Rotor 2L6

Rotor 2L6 +++

Rotor 2L7

Rotor 2L74 / 60-12

Rotor 2L75

Rotor 2L8

Rotor 2L88

Rotor 3L7

Rotor 4 N13

Rotor 50/7 R

Rotor 75.15 (7515)

Rotor Betonstar 2

Rotor D4 FH (D2 with integrated clamp set)

Rotor D4-1/1

Rotor D4-1/2

Rotor D4-1/4

Rotor D5 Long

Rotor D5 Short

Rotor D5-2.5

Rotor D6-2

Rotor D6-3

Rotor D7-2.5

Rotor D8-1.5

Rotor D8-2

Rotor Disk - Steel Disk Aliva-246

Rotor Estrichstar

Rotor Megastar

Rotor N13-S

Rotor R7-1.5

Rotor R8-1.5

Rotor R8-3

Rotor Speedy MP

Rotor Stator EH800 / 1200/80 wf

Rotor UE 355

Rotor UE 356

Rotor UE 356-0.75

Rotor UE 45/7

Rotor/StatorD4 FH Set

Rubber Air/Water Hose 10mm

Safety Valve 1/4"

Screw Plug with O-Ring for Pressure Reducer

Sealing Plug K2

Sealing Ring for handy compressor

SEMPERIT Mortar Hose SM 40 with couplings, NW 25 mm

SEMPERIT Mortar Hose SM 40 with couplings, NW 35 mm

SEMPERIT Mortar Hose SM 40 with couplings, NW 50 mm

SEMPERIT Mortar Hose SM 40 with couplings, NW 65 mm

shotcrete spray gun for light concrete (up to 8mm Grain)


Solenoid valve 1/2"

Solenoid valve 3/4"

Solids Trap

Speedy MP Rotor Stator Pump Set

Speedy MP Stator

Spray Gun with Swivel

Spray Head

Spray Head 30°

Spray Head M35

Spray Nozzle 1/2"

Spray Nozzle 3/4"

Spraygun for Clue and armoring mortar

Spraying Gun 400mm

Stator 1.5L71

Stator 1.5L8

Stator 1L6

Stator 2 L 6 +++

Stator 2L3

Stator 2L6

Stator 2L7

Stator 2L74 / 60-12

Stator 2L75

Stator 2L8

Stator 2L88

Stator 3L7

Stator 4 N13

Stator 50/7 R

Stator 75.15 (7515)

Stator Betonstar 2

Stator D4-1/1

Stator D4-1/2

Stator D4-1/4

Stator D5 Long

Stator D5 Short

Stator D5-2.5

Stator D6-2

Stator D6-3

Stator D6-3 "Drill"

Stator D6-3 PFT Twister

Stator D7-2.5

Stator D8-1.5

Stator D8-2

Stator Estrichstar

Stator Megastar

Stator N13-S

Stator R7-1.5

Stator R8-1.5

Stator R8-3

Stator UE 355

Stator UE 356 (Yellow or Green)

Stator UE 356-0.75

Stator UE 45/7

Stop Cock 1/2"

Stop Cock 3/4"

Suction Flange

Suction Flange Putzknecht S 44-UE45/7

Suction Flange Silver

Suction Flange with Pressure Gauge

Swivel EZ 1 1/2"

Swivel EZ 1"

Swivel EZ 2"

Swivel EZ 4"

Swivel MT25-27 1"

Tension Anchor

Tension Anchor for MP25, MSX, and Ülzener

Threaded Pipe 200mm

Threaded Pipe 400mm

Threaded Pipe 600mm

Three Phase Contactor 11 kw, 42V

Three Phase Contactor 15 kw, 42V (For MSX)

Three Phase Contactor 4 kw, 42V f

Transformer 100VA/300VA, 42V

Turbosol Beton Master

Turbosol BM 30

Turbosol Giotto

Turbosol Mini Avant

Turbosol Poli T Pump


Turbosol Pro H CL

Turbosol Pro H CLB

Turbosol Pro H DM


Turbosol T20X



Two Ear Hose Clamps

UE 355 Rotor Stator Set

UE 356 Rotor Stator Set

UE 356-0.75 Rotor Stator Set

UE 45/7 Rotor Stator Set

Uelzener Putzknecht S30 Smart

Uelzener Putzknecht S36

Uelzener Putzknecht S44-2

Uelzener Putzknecht S48 Easy

Uelzener Putzknecht S48.3

Uelzener Putzknecht S58

Ülzener Putzknecht S48

Ülzener Sputzknecht Spray Head

Upper rubber pad for Piccola

V.E.P. VR8

Valve Plate


Water Flow Meter 150-1500 l/h kpl. (for G4 and G5)

Water Flow Meter 150-1500 l/h kpl. (for Ülzener)

Water Flow Meter 160-1600 l/h kpl. (for Ülzener)

Water Hose, 1/2"

Water Hose, 3/4"

Weer Coupling with male thread 1 1/2"

Weer Coupling with male thread 1/2"

Weer Coupling with male thread 3/4"

Wheel for MP25 and MSX

Wheel for Ülzener S48