Pump Trucks for Self Levelling: What You Need to Know

Pump Trucks for Self Levelling: What You Need to Know

Pump Trucks are the fastest and most economical way of floor laying

Screed pump trucks can manufacture and pump high performance floor screed for flooring contractors and builders on construction projects large and small. Due to their high output they are popular on large construction projects, such as commercial buildings and high-rise apartments. For high volume flooring projects it's the most efficient way to work. One crew can deliver tens of thousands of square feet of flooring with one truck in a single day. 

Most pump trucks use rotor stators to pump material up to 50 floors high. Viapex supplies rotor stator pumps for many self levelling pump trucks. Popular rotor stator models are the 7515 and the 2L8. Whether you have your own design or you are working with a pump truck made by one of the leading manufacturers. We will likely have the right rotor stator for your needs. 

Who Manufactures Pump Trucks for Screed and Gypcrete?

There are several manufacturers in Europe and North America that offer pump trucks. Here are some of the leading brands:

  • Overmat is an Italian manufacturer. They have four pump trucks that mix and pump various materials, including sand, cement, and anhydrite. They can be used to create a variety of screeds, including traditional sand-cement screeds, self-levelling anhydrite and cement screeds, and lightweight subfloors.
  • Bremat is a company from the Netherlands. They offer a variety of screed machines, including semi-dry screed machines, self-levelling screed machines, and insulation screed machines. Their pump trucks are used to cover large concrete areas, such as floors and roofs. They are powered by a diesel engine and have a hydraulic screed system.
  • MC Machines is a Belgian manufacturer known for their fully automatic machines, in particular their screed pump trailers. 
  • Ahlm is a Swedish Company that has been manufacturing pump trucks for many years. They are popular in the Scandinavian market. 
  • Glaap Brinkmann is a German company that makes a variety of different screed pumps. Brinkmann was a pioneer in the field. His original company was sold to Putzmeister. GM machines´ pump truck is called MOBILEMAN.
  • BMS is another German manufacturer with a big portfolio of different screed pumps. Their pump truck is called Titan. The Titan F is the self levelling option. 
  • LATICRETE SUPERCAP's pump truck uses a hydraulic system for mobile blending and pumping to apply self-levelling underlayments and topping compounds. Laticrete is a US based material manufacturer who teamed up with a European partner to make their own pump trucks. The Supercap is equipped with a computer-controlled mixing system that ensures that the material is mixed to the correct consistency. The truck also has a powerful pump that can deliver the material up to 50 stories high. Laticrete is an American company.
  • Strong Manufacturing is another US based company that has a variety of different pump designs. They are the leading manufacturer for gypcrete pumping. They have one truck mounted unit, the SMGIILP as well as other fully equipped mixing and pumping units such as the Placer. 

    Advantages of Working with a Pump Truck

    Screed pump trucks can be a valuable tool for contractors looking to improve their work's efficiency and quality.

    Here are some of the benefits of using screed pump trucks:

    • Increased speed: Pump trucks can apply screed or gypcrete quickly and efficiently, saving time and money on construction projects.
    • Improved quality: Pump trucks can help ensure that the material is applied evenly and to the correct thickness, improving the quality of the finished concrete surface.
    • Reduced labour costs: A major advantage in our current time, pump trucks  reduce the labour required to apply screed, saving money on construction projects.
    • Increased safety: Screed pump trucks can help to improve safety on construction sites by reducing the need for workers to work in dangerous areas, such as overhead.

    How to Choose the Right Screed Pump Truck

    When choosing a screed pump truck, there are several factors to consider, including the size of the project, the type of screed that will be used, and the budget. 

    It is important to consider the following factors:

    • The size of your project
    • The type of material that you will be pumping
    • The distance that you will need to pump
    • The speed at which you need to pump 

    The same goes for the rotor stator pumps. Depending on your current system you will only be able to use certain models. We have a variety of different rotor stator designs and we can also offer custom designs to fit your needs.