Mortar Hoses


      Mortar Hoses for plaster application machines and other mixing pumps

      Our mortar hoses are from Semperit, the highest-quality hoses in the industry. We carry different diameter mortar hoses. The most common is 25mm, but 35mm is also popular. We also have bigger hoses with a 65mm diameter for big mixing pumps. Semperit is a top-notch brand from Austria that makes high-quality rubber mortar hoses that give you endurance and flexibility.

      Every hose that leaves our facility comes with attached couplings, so you can hook it up to your plaster application machine or another mixing pump immediately and start working.

      Custom-made mortar hose solutions

      If you have a particular demand for couplings, our technicians can mount the couplings and clips you need on your hose to guarantee that you will receive the right product. We can also supply you with different hose lengths if you require a particular length. Just get in touch with us, and we will develop something.