Turbosol PRO H CL

Turbosol Pro H CL

A trailer-mounted machine

The Pro H CL is undoubtedly one of the finest trailer-mounted machines for professionals regularly undertaking large self-levelling projects.

The Pro H CL is designed to deliver power, efficiency and reliability. The special hydraulic circuit and variable displacement pump ensure the machine saves up to one litre of fuel per hour, whilst it’s usually fed by a concrete batching plant or truck mixer.

Pro H CL's fields of application

Turbosol’s ProH CL is suitable for a mix of applications:

  • Self-levelling floor screeds based on anhydrite or cement
  • Foam concrete
  • Grouts
  • Cementitious mortars
  • Micro-concrete

With every self-levelling project, it’s essential to ensure a smooth flat and level surface to allow for a successful floor-covering installation, the Pro H CL will not disappoint. 

Advantages of the Turbosol Pro H CL

  • The electric vibrator on the sieve allows a smoother material to feed into the hopper.
  • The hopper is very large, ideal for those regularly filling machines from truck mixers or batching plants.
  • With a centralised greasing point, you’re guaranteed fast and easy daily maintenance, while plenty of safety features are also available.
  • With the automatic shutdown of the mixer when the vibrating sieve is lifted, you can keep yourself and your colleagues safe from harm whilst sensors are in place to protect the engine and the hydraulic circuit.
  • The PRO H CL self-levelling machine also affords quiet operation and low gas exhausts from the diesel engine, whilst there’s an emergency push button for added convenience and protection.

Whether you’re regularly pumping screeds or self-levelling mortars, you’re able to truly maximise performance with the Pro H CL, whilst reaping big rewards such as significant cost savings.

Scope of delivery

This model is fully equipped with the following components as standard:

  • Variable displacement hydraulic pump
  • Electromechanical control board
  • 3-function cable remote control
  • Tipping sieve with grill
  • 200 l hopper with agitator and elastic coupling
  • Elastic axle, tow-bar with car coupling, lights
  • 25 l capacity fuel tank
  • 18 l capacity hydraulic oil tank
  • Two stabilizing feet
  • Central lifting eye
  • Combined exchanger for diesel engine and hydraulic oil
  • 30 m mortar hose Ø 50 with cam-lock couplings
  • Manual grease pump
  • Cleaning tools
  • N. 1 metal hose bracket
  • N. 2 plastic hose brackets
  • Accessory box

Pro H CL Accessories

Plenty of optional accessories exist, such as the electric vibrator sieve kit, high-pressure water cleaner and the 3-function radio remote control.

So if you’re looking for a machine that’s dependable, easy to use and simple to maintain, please do take a look at the technical details, but should you require any further information or advice related to your working processes, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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