Versatile mixer and pump

The Turbosol Pro H BMS is a great solution for those who work with a huge range of materials and volumes. Made for mixing, pumping and spraying, it’s a machine made with professionals in mind.

The Pro H BMS is trailer mounted, which allows for easy transportation and is available with two types of completely interchangeable pumps, giving greater versatility in its application.

A 200-litre upright mixing capacity results in this machine being a perfect fit for professionals looking to mix and pump vast quantities over a long time.

The Pro H BMS has two setups 

Thanks in part to its interchangeable components, the Turbosol Pro H BMS can deliver two unique setups that can stand up to various construction sites and jobs. With the ability to pump and spray materials to great heights and distances, the Pro H BMS is a great addition to any site.

The two setups allow this machine to mix and pump; structural mortars, cementitious slurries, self-levelling floor screeds, grouts and concrete. With a maximum aggregate size of 16-18 mm, it can deliver up to 18 cubics per hour, which makes it one of the most efficient pumps on the market.

Advantages of the Turbosol Pro H BMS

Precise: Ease of use is one of the biggest benefits of the Turbosol Pro H BMS. The two infinitely variable speeds allow for greater precision and accuracy. The two pump groups and an incorporated compressor make the Pro H BMS independent on any site.

Efficient: The Turbosol Pro H BMS has the latest engineering developments in hydrotronic hydraulic circuits and a variable displacement pump that allows the machine to drive efficiency and save up to a litre of fuel every hour. This machine is one of the most cost-effective machines on the market.

Powerful and safe: Above and beyond the power and efficiency, an emergency stop button, diesel engine protection sensors and automatic stop sensors show that safety hasn’t been overlooked but has been put front and centre in creating the Turbosol Pro H BMS.

So many features put this mixer and pump ahead of its competitors, but none more so than the Turbosol brand, with which comes satisfaction and reliability, which is leaps ahead of other brands. If you have any questions about this model or need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team today.

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