Turbosol Pro H DM

Turbosol Pro H DM

Versatile worm pump

The Pro H DM worm pump is as versatile as they come, renowned for its ability to mix, pump, spray and inject common and ready-mixed mortars. The machine guarantees exceptional performance and reliability thanks to the tough tilting mixer. The Pro H DM has a large discharge hopper and a precise ever-adjustable output.

With a cutting-edge hydraulic circuit and variable displacement pump, you’re able to use the precise quantity of oil you need for the desired performance, which as a result, leads to:

  • Fuel savings (up to one litre per hour)
  • Reduced volume of oil in the circuit
  • Improved working conditions (for the engine)
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Reduced downtime

Advantages of the Pro H DM

As one of the most versatile worm pumps on the market, the Turbosol Pro H DM is easy to clean, with incredibly simple maintenance. Take the mechanical parts, for example. They are all easy to access, whilst each component has been designed to guarantee top-quality mixes every time!

Whether you’re regularly working on building sites or operating in the residential sector, this machine is suitable for all types of terrain. It is very easy to manoeuvre thanks to its large, robust wheels.

Every professional plasterer appreciates the need for the right set of tools, so if you work with various coverings and need to apply finishes directed with speed and precision, the PRO H DM can meet your needs.

Scope of delivery

The standard scope of delivery includes the following:

  • Variable displacement hydraulic pump
  • Electromechanical control board
  • 33 m cable start/stop pneumatic control
  • Elastic axle with drawbar, car coupling, lights
  • Hopper with safety grill
  • Lifting eye
  • 180 l paddle-type mixer
  • 15 l diesel tank
  • 18 l hydraulic oil tank
  • Combined exchanger for diesel engine and hydraulic circuit
  • Compressor
  • 2L6, T25 or 60.12 pump group
  • Accessory box with spray gun and set of nozzles

Pro H DM accessories

You can add optional extras to improve speed, efficiency and overall performance, such as the radio remote control (drive –stop – reverse), spray gun for thick layer ready-mixed plasters or the cement slurry injection device.

The PRO H DM is one of the most highly-efficient, multifunctional machines you can invest in. Turbosol is known for manufacturing the best-performing machines for the best performance in the toughest job sites. So you can rest assured that it’s built to last, offering exceptional strength and durability with pioneering technology.

Should you require further information on this model, please do not hesitate to message us.

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