Turbosol Mini Avant

Turbosol Mini Avant

High-quality single-piston pump

The Mini Avant has been specially designed and developed by Turbosol to pump, convey, inject and spray common, premixed and special mortars. Being incredibly compact in stature, this single-piston pump provides plasters with flexibility, convenience and high-quality performance.

The exclusive pump assembly delivers a uniform and continuous spray pattern. The piston pump is built to handle aggregates with a particle size up to a maximum of 6 mm, affording high efficiency, low maintenance costs, exceptional safety and low energy consumption.

The Mini Avant's fields of application

Small in stature, monumental in terms of performance!

Turbosol’s Mini Avant can apply over 30.000 m2 of plaster with an average thickness of 2 cm with just one piston, whilst a rubber hose of up to 50m can be connected for added convenience.

The Mini Avant covers the following:

  • Spraying a thick coat of traditional mortar
  • Pumping common and ready-mixed mortars
  • Applying plaster and special mortar for concrete repair and renovation works
  • Pumping self-levelling floor screeds

The advantages of the Turbosol Mini Avant

There are four versions to choose between depending on your unique requirements and working processes. These include the Single-phase, Three-phase, Vario (with an electronic device for variable output) and the Mini Avant G (with a Honda engine). 

The Mini Avant G is perfectly optimized for filling and pressure pointing of open brickwork and prefabricated structures, whilst it’s a perfect match for thin layer finishing plaster. Across all four models, you’re guaranteed high-quality performance, intuitive controls, reliability and a certain ruggedness that Turbosol plastering machines are famous for.

Scope of delivery

The Mini Avant includes the following as standard:

  • Piston pump with gravity ball valves
  • Sieve with 8 mm mesh
  • Electric vibrator
  • Hopper safety grill
  • Double-speed mechanical gearbox
  • Built-in air compressor
  • Pneumatic on/off remote control
  • Delivery manifold with pressure gauge
  • 30 m (20+10) mortar hose Ø 35 mm with cam-lock couplings
  • 33 m air hose Ø 8 mm with quick couplings
  • Manual grease pump
  • Accessory box with spray gun and set of nozzles

Mini Avant accessories

There are also plenty of optional extras, such as the kit for ready-mixed plasters and the kit for pumping lightweight insulating plasters. There’s also a range of guns to add to your toolkit, such as the injection gun, shotcrete gun and pressure-pointing gun.

If you’re looking to modernise your way of working or increase productivity and speed up processes without compromising quality, the Mini Avant is a fine model, delivering the continuous guaranteed performance that construction workers have come to expect from leading manufacturer Turbosol.

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