M-Tec M200

M-Tec M200

An All-around plastering solution

As plastering mixers go, the M-Tec M200 is leaps and bounds ahead of its time, making the most of technological advancements. These developments allow the M200 to deliver perfectly finished plasterboards in the shortest possible time. These two factors are a big part of why the M200 is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after mixers in plastering today.

Suitable for various projects, including rendering, plastering, renovation works and even jobs that use ETICS and construction chemicals, the M-Tec M200 is a superb choice for those plasterers looking for an all-around solution that can cater to a wide range of environments.

What are the advantages of the M-Tec M200?

Efficiency is at the heart of the M200. Careful attention has been paid to the mixing chamber, which has been expertly crafted with a specially tuned polyurethane inlay and a steel blended shaft to make for an extremely efficient mixing process.

As a mixer made for hard-working, adaptable plasterers, the M200 benefits from an easily adjustable working speed that allows for better control and has the added benefit of helping to better process a wide range of gypsum products with more consistent quality.

The carefully curated design allows for lump-free dilution of gypsum products, especially fillers. Coupled with the large capacity (0.5-2 m² per minute), the M-Tec M200 promises much better performance than any manual processing of gypsum products.

The M-Tec M200 benefits from simple-to-use controls adding to the ease of use of the machine and quick locking systems, which are becoming increasingly popular in the carefully curated approach taken in the engineering of the M-Tec products. The quick lock components allow the whole machine to be dismantled and moved in just a matter of minutes, which means less time wasted on site and more time focussing on the job.

The biggest rewards of working with the M-Tec M200

As with almost all M-Tecs plastering equipment, the design of the M200 has a special focus on usability, so you can guarantee the below when using and maintaining the product:

Simple Cleaning

Every component in the M-Tec M200 utilises the tried and tested M-Tec easy clean technology that ensures a fast and residue-free clean

Straightforward Mixing

Utilising the latest technology and the best quality materials, the M-Tec screw pump results in a high-quality and consistent mix

Easy to transport

The M200 is compact and, when combined with the quick lock components, make it a highly transportable machine that can fit in a mid-sized family car.

If you have any questions about this model or need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team today.

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