Ülzener Putzknecht S48 Spare Parts

All the spare parts for the Ülzener Putzknecht S48 Plastering Machine

Ülzener Putzknecht S48

After all these years, the Ülzener Putzknecht S48 is still as popular as ever. The mixing pump is the originator of the whole plaster machine market that has inspired all the other machines that came after it. In terms of size and functionality, the Putzknecht is similar to the PFT G4 and the Putzmeister MP25.

A couple of useful facts about the Ülzener S48

The mixing pump mixes and conveys various materials with a grain size of up to 8mm (depending on the rotor stator pump you use). The S48 is mostly used for spraying wall plaster and pumping flow screed.

Rotor Stators for the S48

The Putzknecht S48 can be used with different rotor stator pumps. For plaster, the D6-3 or the D8-2 are typically used. For Flow Screed, you can upgrade to a bigger pump like the UE45-7. Keep in mind that you need a bigger flange for the UE45-7.

The Ülzener S48 uses a  Compressor HANDY K2 with a pressure switch.

The Putzknecht S48 has a pumping volume of roughly 50l/min and is powered by a 5,5 + 1,1 kW, 400V/50Hz motor. 

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