Durable and efficient mixer

The PFT BOLERO is perfectly suited for materials that are roughed up powerfully and intensely whilst it has been carefully designed and manufactured for mixing, pumping and spraying.

When operating clockwise mode, the material is mixed continuously, whilst anticlockwise mode enables you to connect to the pumping machine, easily pushing the ready-mixed material to the desired areas.

The PFT BOLERO is used daily by countless professional plasterers and tradespeople worldwide. It has quickly established itself as a quality mixer that’s easy to manoeuvre and affordable, delivering exceptional quality that you can count on for years.

BOLERO fields of application

There is a huge range of applications that require materials to be blended intensely, such as:

  • Reinforcement, adhesive mortars
  • Fire protection mortars
  • Mortar of various components
  • Betonite
  • Structure and acoustic plaster
  • Levelling compound and interior primer

Advantages of the PFT BOLERO

As a highly durable, dependable, productive and efficient mixer, the PFT BOLERO delivers professional plasterers a wide range of features. Whether you’re looking for a machine that eliminates mixing errors, is easily transported thanks to large wheels or is equipped with a cleaning port for the material hopper, the BOLERO FC-230V ticks all of these boxes and many more, including:

  • Combination of mixing, pumping and spraying pump, fully equipped with clockwise and anti-clockwise operation modes.
  • Stipulated mixing and mortar source times can be obeyed with precision.
  • A mortar pressure gauge is integrated seamlessly.
  • Flexible mixing intensity.
  • Frequency converter (FC) for infinitely variable speed control and torque amplification.
  • Powerful and reliable operation via standard power socket.

A machine like this can also give you a competitive edge, as you can take on more projects and complete jobs faster, yet you can also maintain a tidier workplace.

Saves you time!

Many new and experienced plasterers have found the PFT BOLERO FC-230V to save considerable time overall. As an example, by applying the plaster quickly with a machine like this, you can get a wall skimmed and finished by one person in the time it might normally take two people, whilst you can also enjoy the following:

  • Reduce labour costs.
  • Maximise productivity.
  • Easy to move around a job site and can even fit into service elevators.
  • Achieve higher profits.
  • Stronger performance for longer.
  • Minimise mixing mistakes or miscalculations.
  • Move with the times, taking advantage of technological features to improve performance.

If you require any further information on the BOLERO or need some advice on the system that’s best suited for your needs and budget, please do not hesitate to contact us for further details. We can consider your working processes to ensure you choose a model that works for you and helps you maximise performance, boosting profit on your professional plastering services.

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