Uelzener S48 Putzknecht Easy

Uelzener Putzknecht S48 Easy

There aren’t many plastering machines on the market that combine the quality of workmanship and economic efficiency like the Putzknecht S48 Easy. It’s undoubtedly one of the finest mixing pumps for processing ready-mix mortars.

The S48 Easy guarantees speed, reliability and performance. Whether you’re looking to plaster new developments, renovations, or more creative plaster work, this machine can revolutionise your operations.

Putzknecht S48 Easy's fields of application

The Ülzener Putzknecht S48 Easy has already developed a strong reputation in the construction and renovation sectors, allowing you to pump and spray a broad range of mortars, including:

  • Plaster mortar
  • Adhesive mortar
  • Reinforcement mortar
  • Isolation mortar
  • Filling mortar
  • Self-levelling mortar

Advantages of the S48 Easy

Well-equipped to complete tasks to a high professional standard unbelievably fast, the S48 Easy offers a new dimension to the building site. From maintenance-free gear motors to exchangeable pump parts, it’s easy to keep this mixer pump operating at peak efficiency whilst you can also enjoy the following features:

  • Large storage vessel in high-speed cleaning version
  • Practical material stop valve at the storage vessel
  • Wear resistant universal conveying screw for all materials
  • Exchangeable pump parts for all practical applications
  • Universal mixing shaft for interior and external plaster
  • Removable suction flange for different pump diameters
  • New, nearly maintenance-free compressor with automatic shut-off
  • Safety switches at the mixing tube

If you need another reason to consider this expertly engineered machine, it’s worth looking at the pump outlet. Not only is it equipped with a coupling SKM35 and mortar pressure gauge, but it’s also designed to meet the German trade association's stringent requirements.

Self-levelling screed work is possible with conveying outputs up to 50 l/min, so this is a highly versatile model, perfect for workers operating in multiple areas.

The mixing shaft motor can be easily removed for added convenience, allowing seamless transport wherever you’re working.

Scope of delivery

The standard model is equipped with screw pump parts UE4 silver, achieving 22 l/min. Depending on the application, further conveying capacities from 5-30 l/min can be achieved by exchanging the pump parts.

Standard scope of delivery:

  • Pump parts UE4 silver
  • Spray gun with nozzle 14mm
  • Mortar hose 10m / ID25 / SK24
  • Air hose 10m / ID 3/8“ / GK
  • Compressor Delta 2
  • Water pressure booster pump
  • Adapter SKV35 /SKM24
  • Pressure control gauge SKM35
  • Cleaning and turning tool
  • 4 Screw keys
  • 2 Sponge balls
  • 4 Swivelling wheels (2 Brakes)

With dependable performance, a resilient structure and the latest technology, the Ülzener Putzknecht S48 Easy has become a favourite mixing pump among professional plastering contractors. Still, it’s also very affordable, helping you achieve maximum return on investment, allowing you to streamline your workload, improve quality and win more high-paying business.

Technical Data

Drive/performance pump: 5,5 kW
conveying screw: 1,1 kW
Operating voltage:400V/50Hz
Mixer revolutions: 400 min-1
Conveying output-standard: 22 l/min (5 -30 l/min *)
Conveying pressure: 30 bar *
Conveying distance max.: 40m *
Required water pressure min.: 3 bar
Compressor capacity: approx. 180 l/min
Loading height:  1010 mm
Height / Width / Length: 1540 / 660 / 1420 mm
Weight without compressor: 198 kg

See the S48 Spare Parts that we carry. 

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