Turbosol Beton Master

Turbosol Beton Master

Reliable concrete mixer

The Turbosol Beton Master has been designed as a reliable alternative to traditional concrete mixers. Made with efficiency in mind, the team at Turbosol worked tirelessly to create a unique solution that can mix concrete and help in transporting and delivering plastering mortars and shotcrete.

The Benton Master's masterly engineered

Thanks to its unique engineering, the dimensions of the pump-valve assembly and the configuration of the hydraulic system make the Benton Master deliver extremely high-standard mixing results. 

At the heart of the Turbosol Beton Master is a four-cylinder liquid-cooled diesel engine that works in synergy with a two-cylinder hydraulic piston pump to deliver almost unmatched power in its category. Combine the immense power with a state-of-the-art variable output, and you can understand why it’s fast becoming the new standard of mixer.  

With the Turbosol brand, one thing always comes as a standard: reliability. The components that have been made especially for this machine have been tested in several different environments, making the Beton Master an ideal solution for harsh environments and climates.

Advantages of the Turbosol Benton Master

Variety of materials

With 80 bar of pressure, the Turbosol Beton Master is a powerful pump. It’s also incredibly versatile and can be equipped with steel pipes or rubber hoses, depending on the job. The diameters of the pipes allow for different particle sizes, which means the Turbosol Beton Master can be used with a wide range of materials.

Easy to use

Ease of use has been integral to the design of the Turbosol Beton Master, which makes operating the machine simple. The 30m remote control allows for greater accessibility, and the electromechanical control board allows for a level of accuracy tough to match with a more manual approach.

Beton Master Accessories

Lots of features come as standard on the Turbosol Beton Master. However, the complete package has many optional extras, such as the high-pressure cleaner, a three-function radio remote control and even a Turbosol-designed anti-theft system for added peace of mind.

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