Turbosol Pro H CLB

Turbosol Pro H CLB

Hydraulic worm pump

The Turbosol Pro H CLB is a hydraulic worm pump for large-scale construction sites and providers. The team of engineers has focused on making this machine the best in class, and therefore the functionality and efficiency that comes with this pump is exceptional.

As a leader in its category and fast becoming one of the best on the market, the Turbosol Pro H CLB has been expertly designed with two core uses; firstly, pumping large volumes of floor screeds and casting mixtures and secondly, spraying shotcrete highly efficiently at nine cubic metres per hour at an aggregated size of 16-18mms.

With the landscape of construction sites changing all of the time, the Turbosol Pro H CLB has been engineered to adapt to the different materials that are coming onto the market, which is why it can easily handle the mixing of self-levelling floor screed, grouts and all types of concrete from micro to shotcrete.

Advantages of the Pro H CLB

The hopper's large capacity, which can hold up to 200 litres of materials, has been created with large volumes in mind, so the Turbosol Pro H CLB is best suited at home on medium to large-scale construction sites.

The pump has one single and centralised greasing point to make daily upkeep of the machine as easy as possible.

The machine has a combined exchanger for a diesel engine and hydraulic oil for ease of use and a chassis approved for road towing that makes transporting this essential piece of kit as simple as possible.

Beyond ease of use, safety has been crucial in the design too and like with most of the larger Turbosol mixers and pumps, the Pro H CLB comes with an automatic shutdown feature, sensors to protect the engine as well as low sound levels and minimal exhaust fumes for a safer, healthier site.

Turbosol Pro H CLB accessories 

There are also many optional extras that can complete this machine as a full package, including extension hoses, high-pressure water cleaners for the hoppers, and a three-function radio remote control, improving safety and accessibility even further.

So many features put this mixer and pump ahead of its competitors, but none more so than the Turbosol brand, with which comes satisfaction and reliability that is leaps ahead of other brands on the market.

If you have any questions about this model or need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team today.

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