The Rotor Stator Set 2L6 +++ (Triple Plus)
2L6+++ rotor
2L6+++ Stator

2L6 +++ Rotor Stator Set

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The 2L6 +++  (Triple Plus) Rotor Stator Set.

Made in Germany.

Advantages of the 2L6 Triple Plus:  higher output

This pump has the same dimensions as the regular 2L6 pump and can be used similarly. If you want a rotor stator that achieves a higher output than the regular 2L6, try the 2L6 triple plus pump. The flow rate is nearly double compared to the regular 2L6. 

Technical information about the 2L6 +++ set

  • Stator Diameter: 101.6 mm
  • Stator Length: 535 mm
  • Rubber Quality: 63 Shore
  • Flow Rate (@ 400 I 200 RPM): 120 l/min I 60 l/min
  • Max. Grain: 8 mm
  • Rotor Material: High alloyed tool steel

Rotor with slit and drill hole (alternative versions are also possible, please get in touch with us for more information)

Stator with an integrated clamp.

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