A rotor in a rotor- tator system for plastering refers to the rotating part of the mixing tool that creates a vortex. The rotor is a crucial component of the rotor stator system and is responsible for creating the material's ideal flow and mixing pattern.

The rotation of the rotor creates a powerful suction effect that pulls the material into the mixing chamber and combines it with other ingredients. The resulting mixture is then dispensed through the outlet, providing a uniform and consistent plaster for application. 

Rotor types

The rotors we supply are made of either high-alloyed tool steel or cast iron. 

These are our most popular rotors. Search our rotor stator sets if you are looking for the accompanying stators. Don't see what you need? Contact us, and our sales team will be happy to find a solution that fits your needs. 

The rotors are organised by stator diameter. 

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