Hoses for Pumping Screed and Gypcrete

These hoses are used for pouring and smoothing concrete flooring. The hose is designed to transport gypcrete, liquid screed, as well as other concrete, cement, or screed materials from the mixing truck or machine to the desired location. 

We can press any coupling you need. In Europe we use conventional mortar couplings, in North America Camlock Couplings are more common. 

The core qualities of a screed hose

Since the right type of hose is a critical component of the concrete pouring process, we ensure that the hoses we supply are:

  • flexible yet strong enough to resist damage from the abrasive materials being transported.
  • have a smooth interior to prevent clogging and allow for efficient flow.
  • easy to handle even in tight spaces, while maintaining its shape.

Our hoses are made of a durable, abrasion-resistant material and are equipped with fittings compatible with the pump system used to deliver the concrete.

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