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mp 25 plastering machine
MP 25 Machine from Putzmeister

Putzmeister MP 25 (MP25)

The Putzmeister MP 25 is a trusted spray machine on construction sites worldwide. The MP 25 pump works under nearly any condition, from the desert of Qatar to arctic Norway.

What are the advantages of the MP 25?

The MP 25 mixer pump is popular for its sturdy design and unbeatable performance. One of the main advantages of the MP 25 plastering machine is that it is very easy to dismantle and transport. Also, the machine's usability is straightforward, so it does not require experts to work the machine.

Depending on your rotor-stator, the pump's performance can go up to 80 litres per minute, which is a very strong number.

Fields of application for the Putzmeister MP 25

The MP 25 mixes dry mortar for interior and exterior purposes. Among the materials used by the MP 25 machine are gypsum, lime, screed, cementitious adhesive and reinforcement mortar. You can either work directly from a bag or a silo if you work with bigger quantities. 

The technical details of the MP 25 mixing pump:

 Model MP 25 Mixit
Pump Type Worm pump D6 Power
Drive Pump 400 V 50 Hz
Output 25 l/min
Pressure 40 bar
Compressor Air compressor 0.55 kW/ 200 l/min
Engine 400 V 50 Hz electric motor
Engine Power 5.5 kW
Engine Rotations 92UpM
Hopper Volume 115 l
Weight 240 kg
Dimensions (LxWxH) 1324x728x1443 mm
Filling Height 984 mm
Max. Aggregate 4 mm
Pressure Connection M 35
Article nr. 111417168

The original MP 25 plastering machine. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us in case you are interested in buying this machine. 

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