Rotor Stator Set UE 45/7 (green)
Yellow UE 45/7 rotor stator set
UE 45/7 rotor for green stator
UE 45/7 rotor
Green UE 45/7 stator
Yellow UE 45/7 stator

UE 45/7 Rotor Stator Set

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The rotor stator set UE 45/7 (Ü45/7) is relatively short for shotcrete and screed.

Applications of the UE 45/7

The rotor stator pump UE 45/7 is popular with various machines. It is particularly common to use this pump with the M-tec Duo Mix or Uelzener Putzknecht machines to pump screed, refractory tundish and even concrete. Many other machines can support this powerful pump if the pressure flange has the right dimensions.

Technical information about the UE 45/7 set

  • Stator Diameter: 127 mm
  • Stator Length: 270 mm
  • Rubber Quality: 
    • Green Stator: 60 Shore
    • Yellow Stator: 70 Shore
  • Flow Rate (@ 400 I 200 RPM): 66 l/min I 33 l/min
  • Max. Grain: 8 mm
  • Rotor Material: High alloyed tool steel

Rotor comes with a slit.

Stator comes with an integrated clamp.

Please get in touch if you require any other variation from the standard UE 45/7 that we sell. 

About the UE45/7 Stator Design

  • The two stator colours have different rubber qualities. For 60 shore, you will want to purchase the Green UE45/7, and for 70 shore, the Yellow UE45/7 stator. 
  • It is very important to note that the diameter is wider than regular D stators like the D6-3. So you have to ensure your machine has the proper pressure flange.
  • The stator has an integrated clamp so that you can adjust its tightness.

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