R-Meko 720 Compressor

R-Meko 720 Compressor

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R-Meko 720/10 D Kompressor

The big advantage of the R-Meko is that it is oil free, produces high air capacities and is still relatively light and mobile. The R-Meko truly is a power house. Itis the air compressor for professionals. When it comes to the ratio of air capacity to compactness, mobility and weight the R-Meko easily compares to piston compressors. Basically, the R-MEKO consists of two V-MEKO compressor units and a central motor.

Technical Data:

Suction rate:                                               720 l/min.
outgoing air capacity at 1 bar:                    510 l/min.
outgoing air capacity at 2 bar:                    450 l/min.
outgoing air capacity at 3 bar:                    392 l/min.
outgoing air capacity at 4 bar:                    344 l/min.
outgoing air capacity at 5 bar:                    276 l/min.
outgoing air capacity at 6 bar:                    220 l/min.

highest possible pressure                                                   6 bar
hydraulic pressure:                                                             4 bar = ON
                                                                                           6 bar = OFF
container volume:                                                              10 Liter (2 x 5 Liter)
Motor:                                                                                 2,2 kW Drehstrom
Voltage:                                                                              400 Volt / 50 Hz

size / weight:

length/width/height:                                                            810/560/480 mm
weight:                                                                                70 kg
Noise level:                                                                         94 dB(A)


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