Rotor Stator 2L6

The 2L6 has many different rotor and stator variations

The 2L6 is popular with machines like the S5 or the SP11 for pumping screed, tundish, or concrete. Other manufacturers like Lancy work with the 2L6 pump as well. The designs may vary. Always check with your machine what rotor head is required.

We generally carry all different versions.  Rotors with slit, as well as rotors with drill hole. The slits also come in sizes from 12mm to 16mm. The stators come maintenance-free, slotted and also with an integrated clamp. We also carry the external clamp. 

If you are unsure which type you need, contact us; we are happy to assist. 

Technical details:

The stator dimensions of the 2L6: 101.6mm diameter and  535mm length

The Output at 200rpm: 45 l/min

Max. Grain: 8mm

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